Saturday, September 12, 2009

A harvest like no other

I was away most of the summer "up the river" at the Bard Music Festival.
First I sang in Meyerbeer's opera "Les Huguenots"
after which the

Bard Music Festival was all about "Wagner and his World". In between weeks with four inch stiletto heels as a Catholic noblewoman I came home to check on the garden and the menagerie. Wende held down the fort very well; feeding and watering as instructed. Around about the end of July I harvested 30lbs of honey from the hive on my roof. Given the fact that the hive was started the day after Easter, this is miraculous. There's no guarantee that there will be a harvest the first year of a hive and there needs to be enough honey for the girlz to hold them through the winter. All in all I'm exceedingly pleased, and look forward to next year and more honey and learning about bees.