Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We never lost hope . . .

On the eve of the inauguration,  after not laying for well over three months, Uno made her contribution to celebrate a new era: a beautiful blue egg. Despite the subzero temperatures the girls continue to thrive. I am amazed by their heartiness. After all, we humans wouldn't survive a day in weather like this. The lettuce I planted in October is still doing well under clear shower curtains. I expect to pick a few heads in the next couple of weeks. The seed catalogues have begun to arrive and anticipation is high all around for an expanded garden planting (think roof top).

Saturday, January 3, 2009

They're Still Alive!

With our first accumulation of snow and some below freezing temperatures "the girls" hunkered down for their first winter in Brooklyn. I made some insulated panels to attach to the sides of the coop for a little added protection from the elements. The panels can removed come spring, but for now remain in place. Uno, the Araucana from south of the boarder, has been freeloading for months without an egg. Red, after her molting period, got right back in the saddle and turns out an egg a day.